Principles of Web Design

Like the phrase “appeal is in the eye of the beholder”, the performance of a web site design will certainly be judged by customers of the website and also not by the proprietors. There are numerous factors that have an effect on the functionality of a web site, and also not simply of the kind (how well it is), but also the procedure, is it very easy to use.


Sites that are not well made often tend to malfunction and Google Analytics metrics are appalling (e.g. high bounce paces, bargain time on site, as well as few check outs each page as well as reduced conversions).

Just how a good web site design is made?

Then we expose a Decalogue really summarized the fundamental concepts of web site design that make your task is cosmetically kindly, easy to use, eye-catching and also effective.

The function Web style

An excellent website design will consistently reply to customer demands. You need to understand quite well that carry visitors communication, e.g. for details, amusement, some special communication, or to negotiate your business. Each page of your internet site should have a clear purpose and also satisfy a particular need for customers in the most efficient way possible.

The interaction

Site visitors often really want the information swiftly, so it is essential to connect accurately, and make your details simple to check out and also digest. Some efficient methods include in your website design are: arranging info utilizing titles and also captions, utilizing bullets instead of long sentences with whole lots of message, and also please get rid of the straw with which to text proportion.

That typography used

Typically, sans serif font styles such as Arial and also Verdana are easier to read online (Sans Serif typefaces are font style’s contemporary appearance without attractive coatings). The perfect font style dimension for very easy book online is between 14px and 16px and stick to an optimum of 3 typefaces in an optimum of 3 point dimensions to maintain your aerodynamic layout.

Usage shade

A shade combination well believed can go a lengthy means to improving the user encounter. Complementary colors create equilibrium and consistency. The use of contrasting shades for text and background will certainly make the book easier on the eye additionally satisfies objectives for internet accessibility. Vibrant shades develop exhilaration as well as needs to be used sparingly (e.g. for switches and actions). Last yet not least, the empty as well as adverse room is really efficient to give your internet site a modern and also clean.

Making use of images

A photo is worth a thousand words, as well as picks the proper graphics for your internet site could assist with marketing as well as associate with your target audience. If you do not have specialist quality photos in hand, think about purchasing images, there are many companies that have hundreds of pictures in stock, to reserve the look of your website. Likewise consider consisting of infographics, videos as well as graphics, see just how they can be a lot more efficient in connecting that also the very best written content fragment.

Functionality and Navigation

It is examining exactly how very easy it is for folks to act on your site and see just how they relocate. Some tactics for efficient GPS consist of a pecking order of rational web page, utilizing breadcrumbs, the switch design that facilitates the meet with the click, and use the ‘rule of three click “indicating that users could discover the details they are searching for within three clicks optimum.

Based on the designed use of grid

Random place content on your website could wind up with a disorganized appearance that is also messy. Grid creates based arrange content into parts, as well as columns that are lined up boxes as well as supply balance as well as harmony, which brings about a style with a maximized aspect and additionally supplies confidence to the visitor.

The layout pattern “F”.

Studies eye tracking have recognized that people check computer displays in the type of “F”. The majority of just what people see is on the top and also left of the screen and the right side of the screen are hardly ever viewed. Rather than attempting to require the visitor’s visual circulation, successfully developed sites will collaborate with the all-natural behavior of a visitor as well as display info in order of significance (from delegated ideal and also top to bottom).

Billing time

Everybody abhors an internet site that takes a lengthy time to load. Adhere to the advice of specialists to make sure that the load times of your web pages much more efficient, since these are influenced by the sort of images, procedures, examinations and communications with databases and also even more for the solution hired holiday accommodation (column of your web site).

Designed to be friendly to Mobile website design

It is now commonplace for web sites access from a number of tools with a number of screen dimensions, so it is necessary to consider if your website is mobile pleasant. If your web site is not mobile version, you could restore it in an adjustable (this indicates your web site will certainly be readjusted to different screen sizes) or you could develop a mobile site dedicated (an independent internet website enhanced especially for users phones). An additional recommended technique is to supply the mobile version via CSS strategies.

Choosing a low-cost hosting plan

Website hosting is always the matter of concern for small businesses. They have to look for the cheaper options because of the limited budget and resources. However, in today’s world of opportunities, it is not very difficult to find low budget hosting providers. Type in some keywords related to web hosting in Google and thousands of results pop up instantly. Each hosting company website talks of its special services and features. Choosing the best among them is a tough job that might confuse you if you do not have a similar experience earlier. Here is a small guide on low-cost hosting for people who own or are planning to own a website.

Every web hosting company, big or small, provides a list of services. You should consider the features and choose your plan accordingly. The important factors to look over are – hosting space, bandwidth, database size, number of email accounts, uptime, etc. Choose the plan that provides enough space for your data. Also, remember that the website will grow in content each day. Therefore, there should be enough space to hold the content that collects over time. Your hosting plan should never run out in bandwidth. If it does, it will become a reason for embarrassment. Users will not be able to view it or log in. The database size should also be enough to store table with huge amounts of data.

Uptime is a very important factor of a good Web Hosts company. Uptime is the duration in which the hosting server is live. Most of hosting providers claim of their ability to provide 99% uptime, but most of them fail. If the host is not, of a good quality, it might stop and the users present on your website might find an error page on their browsers. This might decrease the credibility and the business value of the website. You will ultimately result in contacting the host company repeatedly. You might also feel uncomfortable if the company does not provide good customer service. A company with good customer service is one that provides various ways of contacting it. Today, host providers offer chatting, emailing and phoning options to contact if any problem arises. They support in resolving the issues and help the website resume its position.

One of the most used business strategies used today is to keep the extra charges hidden. Most of the companies strip off the main price to attract customers. When the customers take the services or buy the products, the companies add extra charges. Therefore, you must always find out whether your host provider has any extra hidden charges with plan. If you do not consider this early, you might have to pay extra charges. You can definitely go for a low-cost hosting plan but you should also consider the facts talked above. This way you can host a website affordably.

Web Design Process: Hammer vs. Codekit

I changed the way I work. In the design phase of a website now use a new tool that has revolutionized my usual tasks: Hammer.

I know I always advocate that we adopt tools that are well adapted to our processes but in this case worth making small adjustments to benefit from this application.

What does hammer?

Hammer helps you write HTML more efficiently by allowing you to include parts of code that can be reused. Bring functionality include PHP to HTML.

You can make a file containing the code for the header, for example, and include it in the pages of the site you are designing.

If you have multiple pages created and you have to make any changes in the header you only have to change the file that contains that piece of code and updated throughout.

Photoshop comes up short when it comes to showing responsive designs with the need to show how responsive design responsive to different screen sizes graphics editors such as Photoshop become obsolete. The static image of the sketch no longer serves the client see how it will look your site. This is where it becomes vital resource use that allows you to quickly generate a model living project and Hammer can be your best ally.

This allows you to create your own initial file structure, your own framework and reuse it in each new place that you started.

I have my index file and a series of folders and files with distinct parts of code that help me get everything better structured. Each time you save a file Hammer gathers them, compile and generate all the files ready for upload to production in a folder Build within the project.

Keep your project organized is simple and can create your own templates so that when you launch a new web Hammer believes your file structure.

What tasks have had to modify

Using Sass and love is not that I have been forced to change my way of working with CSS but I’ve been completely and Sass. Not quite convince me that writing pseudo-CSS which had subsequently compile applications but now that Hammer put it so easy I have been stepping up and have to say I’m delighted.

I have all the separate style files in a folder: reset, clear fix, overall layout, typography, forms, styles … Everything sections in place. Every time I keep some change Hammer gathers them and generates a single CSS file for use in production. And it optimizes and minimizes it!

And much more

If you have not yet gone off to buy it, you must know that makes a lot more:

  • Gives you the ability to use variables. You can assign the title of the site to a variable and change the variable file for each project
  • updates the browser every time you save a change, it is as if he had reached the AVE to the world of web design Adelaide, you will go much faster with this little detail
  • has smart routes , i.e., magic: write the name of the file you want to include and what looks Hammer and generates the correct path

What about Codekit

I arrived at Hammer after trying Codekit. Codekit another application is quite similar to Hammer. Besides Sass compiles less, which Hammer does as SASS use this point I do not care.

Codekit another advantage is that it has more options file optimization.

With Codekit you can import your frameworks so that if you do an include of a file it will look first to the specific project you’re working and, if not found, will cross your frameworks to include it.

I tried both applications almost simultaneously and at first I liked Codekit. I did not relish that Hammer generate all files in a folder within the project Build, Codekit compiles each file in the path you indicate you. Finally I’ve used and it seems neater to have all generated files in one place. In fact has been the most solid structure Hammer that has convinced me to use this application. Both cost almost the same and have trial versions. It is best that you take a look yourself and you choose.

6 Examples Of Catchy Headlines That Can Give You Benefits To Your Website

For students, we should put a large amount of web content. Holder of our website is the point where the visitor decides to continue or not. Devote a few minutes for holders that can mark the beginning of a profitable stage within your web business.

The first page that visitors see in your site is the home page or home. At this point, this is where the visitor decides to continue browsing through our site or move to another site of competition.

On the home page, we cannot show all our services, attributes or benefits for reasons of space and usability. The only weapon we have to give our readers a clue about our theme is to place headlines that link to internal pages where information is enlarged.

Write these headlines effectively can greatly increase the number of pages viewed on our site and, consequently, our visitors becomes customer.

Here we show some examples of effective headlines based on the theories of web business consultant, some theories of direct marketing and our experience analyzing web traffic from different business sectors online.

1) A list of top5 or top10 containing an adjective related fatality

– The Five Deadly Sins of SMEs
– Which leaves the Web hands of your company? 10 Tips to avoid mistakes

Having a list of things “not to do” is very attractive to the curiosity of the readers. Here, the trick is that the list is not too long. Memorizing a long list of things is difficult to do. Did you know by heart the 10 commandments of the Church?

2) A secret that everyone wants to know

– How can I credit all the VAT that I pay?
– Do you have the right company to install signs or posters on the facade to advertise his business?

Here the trick is that the secret to expose small or short. If the holder out “how to make more money in my business” would not be very interesting as the reader knows that this secret is based on many secrets in turn, i.e., the reader wants to know quickly the secret, do not want to throw him a long history.

3) The question and its answer

– How to attract visitors to my site? Apply the model of Shopping Centers.
– Customer Loyalty? Start before its people.

A headline in question form draws little attention to the reader. If the question is also interesting and induces little response to guide the reader on the subject of it, increased ratio of click on such holder is guaranteed.

4) An irresistible benefit

– How to get the maximum return on their participation in fairs?
– Improving the bottom line: reconciling family life and working life

“Free” is the most attractive word of our language. As we cannot always put it in a headline, we can place a word or phrase that denotes a great benefit.

5) Manual, a guide, advice or just start with a “How”

– How to create a ‘subject line’ effective?
– How to use creativity at the beginning of the year?

Internet is the perfect medium for learning. A very high percentage of searches for information online pursue the goal of learning new things, any holder tutorial written as increases its appeal.

6) The numbers that invite more details on listings

– 15 benefits of good customer service
– 25 questions to be made when planning an e-mailing

There are many tips that are recommended when writing for the web. Some recommend us to present information in lists for your reading becomes friendlier. The only way that the reader knows that it will come up with a list is placed in the holder an obvious clue. A number (amplitude of the list) followed by the subject matter enough to get your attention.

These tricks or suggestions to help us start writing the contents of our website, however, each market or sector has its own history.

“Try to complement the analysis of the holders with information that is subsequently posted to your web statistics system.”

Find out what the headlines where visitors pick more and draw their own conclusions from the way you should write your headlines are.

How To Create Your Personal Brand

Increasingly, companies are aware of the importance of being present in the network, and use all the tools it offers to define and promote their brand. This logic can also be applied to people, especially to professionals and freelancers. It’s what the dedicated personal branding or personal branding development, a concept that seeks differentiation of the individual to achieve professional success, the same way you would a commercial brand.

The concept of personal branding emerged in the late nineties in the article by Tom Peters, “The Brand called you.” However, in recent years, personal brand has been growing in importance and becoming increasingly accessible thanks to the 2.0 world. Today, with good planning and strategy development, anyone can build their personal brand.

Why is it important to develop your personal brand?

We live in a very competitive world, and certainly with the economic crisis, the competition has become fierce. It is imperative that professionals get, first visible on the web and on the other hand, apart from the competition.

“Developing a personal brand is to manage the image of the individual to communicate features and different values.”

Build our personal brand will help in job search , and especially if we work on our own, because we will position you as an expert in the field which, eventually, will be reflected in an increase in customers.

For know about it visit here:

How to build your personal brand

As already noted, the personal branding is based on the communication and the management of perceptions. But also, it is a strategy, and as such requires planning and perseverance. Let’s look at the main points that must be defined before starting to communicate our personal brand:


The motivation for developing personal brands usually revolves around two poles, or finds a job or gets customers. Be clear about these goals, and keep track of the results, will help us assess the effectiveness of our strategy for personal branding, and so go making any changes considered necessary.

The message
Learn to communicate your personal brand

You must ask yourself what you want to communicate. What is that makes you different and what you can bring value to your work? In this sense it is clear to define the one hand, our differentiating values , and on the other hand, the products or services we offer and associate with those values.

Works the tone of your communication employed to carry your personal brand

Perhaps this is the point that most professionals neglect, and yet it is something that should not be left to improvisation. Just as the message, the tone of the communication should be defined in advance and keep in all that we do (although it can, and should, vary slightly depending on the medium we use). Based on our industry, our own personality and the goals we have set, the better a communicative or other tone close, emotional, informative, Formal etc.

Communication channels
Choose communication channels of your personal brand

Just as a company must define channels of communication strategy, the professional shall select those resources that best meet your goals and approach the audience you want to reach. Social networks are good allies, and especially LinkedIn and Twitter can be a great communication tool of personal branding. However, there are many other social networks and forums of experts; some specialize in certain sectors that we can use. At this point, remember that planning and perseverance is essential and useless check in Arabian social networks if not then we will fill them with content.

With regard to social networking presence is better to be few, but constant and consistent with our tone and message, which in many that do not conform to the image that we want to communicate and also have outdated.

Develops an action plan for your personal brand

Finally, the personal brand that until now could seem a rather abstract idea must result in actions in which all of the above apply. It’s what we call the content : for example, if the blog was the communication channel have decided to use, which will have on the blog and the timing of this action will be. Creating good content is essential to position ourselves as experts. Can be ebooks , presentations Slidehsare, blog posts or actions offline as classes or conference presentations.

In fact, we highly recommend joining the online world and the offline.

If you give a talk, do not forget e.g. posting photos on Flickr, the video on Youtube or write an entry summary on our blog. And again, if we have physical cards, we put our own website, blog or maybe a QR code that leads to that content.

The personal brand and professional image

Of course, a trademark consists of a name and corporate identity, and likewise must be set our personal brand. The way we design our personal brand will define the professional image that will convey.


Will we use our real name, a nickname or perhaps a variation of our name? At this point it is important to be aware of competition: if we call John Smith Kane, it may be more convenient choose to use our middle name, as John Smith will be many on the net. And we must not forget that the name should fit into social networks, so it should not exceed 15 characters.


What are the key words that define us and we want to position ourselves? Recall that our personal brand will be developed both in the world offline and online. In the digital environment, we will use the keywords in our communications to try to improve our web positioning. In addition, selecting these concepts will also help us to be reminded of simple and differentiated way: for example, John Smith, creative pastries; or Ruth Lledo, vintage tattoo.

Visual identity

The image sells, and is a great ally to transmit the values of which we have spoken. Therefore, we must not neglect the visual design of the personal brand, choosing the color range and the fonts to be used in our communications that will help us to convey what we want. Sometimes it may be desirable to design a logo.

Finally, you need to be aware of building a personal brand is a slow process and requires perseverance and patience. However, I think it is a very rewarding job, since the end of the day we are selling us ourselves.

And ye: You care your network communications? Are you developing your personal brand?

Create Your Professional Blog Or Web With WordPress: Requirements

In recent years, WordPress has come and greatly facilitated the ability to have their own space on the web to millions of users without high computer knowledge. I say space in general, because the possibilities are many, from a personal blog, a corporate website to more complex applications such as online shopping or social networks.

All with a common denominator: the ease of use. From his famous installation in two minutes (I’d say even less) to an absolutely-friendly control panel from which you can create, modify and delete content in a couple of clicks. And with the possibility, if we want to go slowly learning and controlling more advanced features.

All this sounds great; however, there are a number of minimum requirements for our blog, website or WordPress project work properly. Requirements, most of them common to other content management systems such as Joomla or Drupal, and that without them; it would be possible to have our web space. We will review them

1- Web Hosting

Surely you know what I mean. If not, displays a computer, which will be 24 hours on every day of the year, showing your website to all visitors who access it. This computer is where you will save all of your web content (photos, text, images …). And since the Internet is global, this computer can be located anywhere in the world.

You may also have heard what others refer to as web hosting or web hosting server. Quiet and peaceful, are synonyms of the same. What matters is that you’ll have a virtual space in which to host your files so they are accessible across the network.

There are many types of hosting or web hosting: shared, dedicated, VPS, cloud each with its benefits and drawbacks, and adaptable to the needs of your project. As for prices, the spread is even wider, as it influences the type of hosting, server location, space, service, etc.

To get an idea, the basics to start a project with WordPress can be a shared hosting, that allows to have MySQL database (requires WordPress), and we have enough space to install WordPress (do not worry much about this, WordPress Home occupies less than 10mb)

Some good examples of hosting where host your WordPress are: Hostgator (some of our website are housed there and definitely the best options to start) or BlueHost (which allows you to install WordPress with one click, without having to worry about installing manually or create databases)

Pricewise, you can start from plans for less than 5 € per month (just represent an effort if you think that this you’ll have your site online whole year every day).

2- Domain

As for the domains, you should know that is paid annually, and the price depends on type of domain (.com .com, org, info). As a general rule, always records the com (that’s what the general public tends to associate and remember a website), and if you do not believe, do an exercise: What would you say is the domain of creative?

So select and register a good domain name, your brand or personal name and not fall into register a business associated with your domain within your company or brand is really that. A Google does not like much you try to position by keywords.

There are many websites of records. Our advice is that if you do not want to complicate, most hosting companies you see on our resources page usually included in your hosting package can register a domain, and so you have it all with the same company. If instead you want to have independence, usually utilzar Our Fan and

3- A good design for your WordPress

WordPress works with system templates or themes, which are independent of the content. Are packaged that apply to your WordPress, and make your site different and friendly for your users according to thematic designs. By default, WordPress brings some templates preinstalled (twenty thirteen, twenty twelve, twenty eleven…) but if you want your blog or website is not a drop more water in the ocean, it is necessary to give a new look.

Therefore open three options:

– On one hand you can order a custom design a WordPress web designer Adelaide that perfectly suits your features and needs, and make you’re unique WordPress. It is the most expensive option financially, but certainly that will give more value to your website in terms of customization and uniqueness.

– Second, we can choose to install a premium WordPress template, with just a click, we configure our website with good design and extra functionality. The price of these templates ranges from € 30 to € 100, which typically include upgrades and support. It is a good choice to start working from the start with a good design and low cost tested. Here is a list of templates designed by us. You can also find more templates at sites like Mojo-Themes and ThemeForest .

– Third, you can decide by a free template, it is also an option. Keep in mind always that you will surely not be supported by the designers who created it, and make sure it is not implemented in many places, otherwise your blog or website will be another project without the possibility to differentiate yourself from the rest

4 Content: it’s up to you!

All this is basic to launch your own space online presence. Do not confuse this with social networks. This is yours, you own, are not exposed to any facebook or twitter you delete the account someday. This is your area of operations, where to get your visitors, guests and customers…

But all this is only possible if you have a good content strategy, you show your work and that is relevant to your industry and useful for your visitors. Only this is how you get to know you, your content appears first in Google, which are shared in social networks or you comment.

If we spoke of small investments in economic quantities, here we talk a great investment in terms of time. Focuses well your goals, make a plan of work and start blogging today. If yours is not cool, do not spend your time and effort to try to design your website. Lean on others as good as or better than you, either through custom design or using a good WordPress template and direct your efforts on the subject that you know, and start writing about it.

His coupled with a good strategy to use images on your website (the visual is very important in a time when information overload is the order of the day), make it possible for you to get the strategies and goals you’ve set. For the use of images recommend you read this article on how to make effective use of them and the other on banks of images you can use freely.

WordPress is a fantastic tool for both (and in itself is free), which requires minimal investment to become a professional project. Costs between a project of this type, and one without accommodation or self-control are almost negligible, but the end result is very different from each other.

What is a CMS?

A CMS or content management system CMS (Content Management System) is an application that facilitates the editing and publishing of web content directly from the server. Web sites are formed, among other files, a set of pages written in HTML. If you want to publish content on the web should write this coding it in HTML; so we must learn that language or use a program you provide coding. Furthermore, once the web page, you need to use an FTP application that allows us to “upload” the server where it will be housed (Hosting). A CMS allows you to edit and publish content without going through the cumbersome process and almost without knowing anything about HTML. This is just one of the many tools that a CMS provides.

In this article we will show the advantages of a CMS with respect to manual editing of web pages.

Imagine that your company or organization is required to publish a lot of content in different sections. You need to gather and coordinate the team for the successful completion of this task. Among the issues to be discussed is necessary to determine how they will link the pages and verify the links work properly. If not taken into consideration the subject, for example, and the team that is writing the content of Section A forgets to include the links to the pages of the B section, nobody could visit them. The CMS allows us to further coordinate and organize information for members of the company or organization to publish content without worrying about this problem.

Organization website

A CMS is prepared to efficiently organize your site content into sections and categories, which facilitates navigation for users and allows you to create a strong, neat and simple structure for administrators. From the administrator panel you can create, edit and delete sections and categories on your site the way that suits you.

Content Publishing

Create and edit unlimited pages from a simple editor that allows text formatting with styles and desired images. The contents are fully editable and modifiable.

Scalability and implementation of new features

A CMS provides the ability to install, uninstall and manage components and modules, value added services to visitors your website, for example image galleries, forums, newsletters, classifieds, etc.

User Management

Allows you to store data and registered users the ability to send mass e-mails to all users. User management is hierarchical, and the different user groups have different levels of authority / permissions in the management and administration of the site.

Design and aesthetics of the site

You can change the entire look of the website and give it another Christmas image. Imagine that wants to change the design to display Christmas decorations or just tired of the “look” of your site and want to give it an “air” more refreshed. In a CMS that is possible because the content is separate from the way it is presented.

Navigation and Menu

When we design a navigation menu and change an option in that menu in a portal is necessary to change all the pages for the changes to be reflected. In a CMS there is this problem with the menus, you can create, modify, or remove an option without problems. You can create a menu and place it in sections and styles you want.

Media Manager

Tool for uploading images and use them throughout the site.

Disposition of editable modules

The position of the modules can be accommodated as preferred.


Dynamic system feedback and surveys results in percentage bars.

News Feed

System RSS news syndication / XMS automatically generated


You can advertise on the site using the Banner Manager

Statistics of visits

Information browser, OS, and details of documents (pages) most viewed.